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How Graphite Helps Aerospace Engineers Push the Limits

The aerospace industry leaves no margin for error, demanding materials that can withstand high altitudes, high speeds, and extreme temperatures upwards of 1,000 degrees to meet the strict safety requirements of the industry.

What You Need to Know About Impregnation Services

Porosity in carbon graphite and graphite materials is inevitable. Despite today's technology and careful production techniques, porosity is a product of the manufacturing process. The binders that are used in the production of carbon graphite and graphite carbonize during the baking operation, outgassing hydrogen and other gasses. These gasses create a network of interconnected porosity as they tunnel their way to the surface.

How to Meet FDA Requirements in the Food and Pharma Industry

The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) protects public health by ensuring that companies that manufacture, distribute or import our food supply, medications, medical devices, radiation-emitting equipment, cosmetics, and animal products meet the strict requirements they have set forth.